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Working with tarot is like walking through a patchwork landscape; all those seemingly unfitting little pieces stitched together make a beautiful tapestry… There is so much you can learn from YOU

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December 2015

And here we are again… Seems as if the year has flown by again.. For me this year has brought me many many changes, mostly in focus of my personal path.. From the immense joy of discovering our family will be welcoming an angelic addition in the shape of a little girl, to losing a fabulous job, on the other hand finding more time for myself, our new future to come and, of course, ELORA.. As much as this journey is still my hobby to be closest to my heart, I still don’t know what the future will bring career-wise and so I choose to move on the way I always did and, honestly.. For now that feels like the best choice to me right now.. I’m so very happy and so very proud of what I already achieved working on ELORA, and happy with where it stands at this particular point.

So.. From this point of view I move on, looking forward to a brand-new year with lots of new inspiration and lots of BIG changes.. One of which will probably bring about a bit of absence at the beginning of 2016 where I will be shifting focus towards becoming a mother.. I know, and realize that my full attention will be needed to be towards our little one.. That absolutely does not mean I’ll be never returning! I still do have a lot of wonderful and inspirational ideas which I’ll be working out in the new year to come.. It does however mean that I will be closing the Etsy shop for a while when the Babe is due, just so we can fully focus on each other, get used to the new situation and be a family full-time for a while.. Until then, this december month I’ve put up some wonderful listings on the shop which I recommend you to check out! That is, if you’re interested in grabbing your own ELORA tarot bag, AND getting a supercool tarot deck with the bag aswel!! These are decks I’ve purchased over the years and I really do think they are AWESOME, they just don’t match well with my own energy.. And so I believe there is someone out there who will find the right match with one of these! so, go and check ‘em out!

For those of you wondering, I still have the 2 card email reading up in the shop aswel, so you can still order your own email reading through there!

For now that’s all I wanted to share with all of you lovelies, thank you for all of the beautiful support until now and let’s look forward to an inspirational, spiritually growing and enlightening 2016!!

Lots of Love & Light to all,


Hello december

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